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ADF Legal Officer Career Management

The ADF Legal Officers Specialist Officer Career Structure (ADF LOSOCS)

In February 2000, the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT) approved the introduction of the ADF Legal Officer’s Specialist Career Structure (ADF LOSOCS) from 16 March 2000. A legal officer's career is now managed by the Service career manager with the assistance of the Legal Officer Career and Professional Development Committee (LO CPDC), acting in accordance with the ADF LOSOCS Policy.

View the ADF LOSOCS Policy, DFRT Decisions and Determinations, Legal Task Journals, LO CPDC Forms, LO CPDC Policy Decisions and LTM1 Consolidation Tasks via the links on the left of this page.

What's New

Aug 2015 - Lateral transfer of Legal Officers from foreign military forces and recognition of current competencies inserted in ADF LOSOCS Policy.

Jul 2015 - ADF LOSOCS Policy now clearly requires officers appointed at LL-A or LL-B to complete LTM1 within 12 months of appointment.

Jun 2015 - RLOs now have up to 9 days funding to complete LTM1 Consolidation Tasks.

Mar 2014 - Policy concerning Legal Training altered to reflect the removal of Advocacy from LTM2. Guidance given on supervising, mentoring and developing personnel / management of subordinates (see footnotes to Tables 3 and 4 and sub-paras 26.f. and 29.e. of the ADF LOSOCS Policy). Where PARs do not provide the necessary detail, members should seek a separate statement/minute from their supervisor (to be produced as evidence when seeking advancement to LL4 and LL5).

Jan 2014 - Substantive rank is the minimum rank requirement for advancement (see para 25 of ADF LOSOCS Policy).