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Directorate of Ordnance Safety

The Directorate of Ordnance Safety (DOS) is a business unit of the Joint Logistics Command (JLC).  The Director, Ordnance Safety is an independent safety authority responsible to the Commander Joint Logistics (CJLOG) for technical regulatory matters relating to the storage and transport of EO and is responsive to the Service Technical Regulatory Authorities for the safety and suitability for service (S3) of Explosive Ordnance (EO).

Key DOS responsibilities in the regulation of EO are:

  • to define standards and develop policies and procedures for the safety of EO;
  • the technical regulation of EO storage and transport activities;
  • to provide secretariat services to the Explosive Ordnance Safety Assurance Board (EOSAB) which is responsible for providing assurance of appropriate EO safety management to VCDF through:
    • a cyclical program comprising holistic review of the EO Safety Management System (EOSMS) and targeted reviews of the EOSMS elements; and
    • targeted product-based review of the safety management of EO.
  • Qualify explosives as the national Qualification Authority for Defence Energetic Material.
  • to assist the Services to fulfill their audit responsibilities in relation to maintaining the technical integrity of EO.
The DOS is located in Campbell Park, Canberra and has the following accreditations:
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System, accredited by Guardian Independent Certification
  • Authorised Engineering Organisation, accredited by the Director General Technical Airworthiness - Australian Defence Force (DGTA-ADF)
  • Airworthiness Standards Representative, accredited by the DGTA-ADF

In addition, DOS participates in annual assessments by Joint Logistics Command using the Business Excellence Framework methodology.

Contact Us

The address for correspondence is:

Directorate of Ordnance Safety
CP4-3-137 Building 4,
Campbell Park Offices
Tel: (02) 6266 3058
Fax (02) 62664781
PO Box 7913