Defence Intelligence and Security Group Careers

Defence Intelligence and Security Group Careers

The Defence Intelligence and Security Group (I&S Group) is always on the lookout for world-class staff to meet the challenge of ensuring Australia's national security.

The job we do is important, extremely rewarding, and often involves things you cannot do in any other work environment.

A career in I&S Group will create a range of opportunities for you to work in unique and rewarding roles which contribute to Defence's mission of defending Australia and its national interests.

For current vacancies, see Defence APS Careers.

Defence Intelligence and Security Group Agencies and Offices

Australia Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO)

AGO (formerly DIGO) is the lead geospatial and imagery intelligence and geospatial information and services organisation in Defence. It provides intelligence from imagery and other sources in support of the Australia Defence Force and Australia's national interests, and manages Defence’s geospatial information needs.

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)

ASD (formerly DSD) is the national agency responsible for the collection, analysis and distribution of foreign signals intelligence and is the national authority on communications and computer security. Cyber operations is a critical and expanding element of ASD’s dual mission.

Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO)

DIO is the all-source intelligence assessment agency that provides services and advice at the national level. Its mandate is to support Defence and government decision-making and assist with the planning and conduct of Australian Defence Force operations.

Defence Security Authority (DSA)

The Defence Security Authority supports Defence to protect its business from unacceptable security risks. We provide protective security leadership, develop Defence security policy and assist business units in its application, monitor Defence security performance, investigate major security incidents and conduct all security vetting for Defence.

Intelligence and Security Group Executive

The I&S Group Executive directly supports the Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security and the rest of I&S Group across a range of administrative functions such as procurement and contract management, finance and accounting, and strategic policy and guidance.

Woomera Prohibited Area Coordination Office

The Woomera Prohibited Area Coordination Office is a joint Australian Government—South Australian Government office established to administer non-Defence use of the Woomera Prohibited Area.