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Defence Infrastructure Division

REDFIN Phase 1B Infrastructure – Facilities Required for the New Fleet of Special Operations Vehicles Project

Holsworthy Barracks Works

Special Operations Vehicle Facilities

The proposed Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) facilities to be delivered at Holsworthy Barracks
will provide the 2nd Commando Regiment with new and improved facilities to accommodate the new SOV fleet. The facilities to be delivered include the following elements:

  1. new secure garaging for the SOV including working accommodation for staff assigned to the fleet and secure storage for specialist SOV equipment;
  2. adaptive reuse of two existing vehicle hangar buildings for SOV storage;
  3. new hard-standing for containerised stores;
  4. upgrade of an existing loading ramp to meet SOV specifications; and
  5. provision of additional ICT and power reticulation to the existing workshop to meet SOV servicing requirements.

Long Range Patrol Radio System - Fixed Control Station Facilities

The proposed Long Range Patrol Radio System Fixed Control Station facilities works at Holsworthy Barracks involve the upgrade of the existing Fixed Control Station facilities, in order to provide the functionality required by the enhanced communications network.

The proposed works to be undertaken consists largely of the replacement of existing antennas with those of similar size and type. The works will also include minor works to run additional cabling between the existing antenna farm site and the existing radio room.