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Christmas 2015 Messages

Prime Minister's Christmas message

The Prime Minister's Christmas message to the troops is available via the Defence Video Portal.

Christmas messages are also available from:

This Christmas there will be approximately 2200 Australian servicemen and women deployed in Australia and around the world, away from home and family.

They will get a small taste of home by marking the occasion with traditional lunches and games of cricket and other activities in the spirit of the season.

The ADF remains actively involved in training and advising roles in Afghanistan and is contributing to UN and truce monitoring missions in Africa and the Middle East. The ADF is also contributing to maritime security and border protection duties.

We thank the men and women of the ADF for their contribution to our national security and their families for their support. The holidays can be a particularly tough time to be away from home but some traditional Aussie Christmas cheer can make it a little easier.

Imagery will be available as events occur on the following link.