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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Zone Planning

This part of the DEQMS prescribes the process to be used to produce Zone Plans for bases and establishments across the Defence Estate.  Whist the process is used primarily by the Estate Planning Branch (EP), Infrastructure Division, it also provides guidance for regions undertaking the preparation of Zone Plans.

EP is tasked with the ongoing production and review of Zone Plans for major bases and establishments.  EP maintains a priority schedule for the production of new or the revision of existing Zone Plans. The schedule has been derived having regard to the introduction of new capability and systems, redevelopment works at existing bases or establishments, Defence policy documents such as the White Paper, National Defence Estate Strategy, Base Plans and single-Service Facilities Plans. The Zone Plan also forms part of the suite of documents that comprise Base Estate Management Plans.  The current schedule for the preparation and revision of Zone Plans is identified in the Defence Establishments Zone Plan - Current Status Matrix document.

Where changed circumstances necessitate the review of an existing Zone Plan or the development of a new Zone Plan outside the scheduled timeframe EP should be consulted.  The preparation of a Zone Plan in conjunction with any other infrastructure projects must be undertaken in a manner which is consistent with the procedures outlined in this business process. As new Zone Plans are approved, they are published on the DEQMS.

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