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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 8 - Regional Review

Review and Evaluation of the Considerations Matrix

Activity 1

RPO forwards Considerations Matrix to subject matter experts (SME's) for their review.

Note: Activity 1 is not required if the subject matter experts were consulted and their comments recorded in Task 7 or the RPO considers that due to the relevance or limited risk there is no requirement to consult the SME's.


Subject matter experts review comments made by RPO on Considerations Matrix.


Subject matter experts forward comments and imposed conditions to RPO.

Activity 2

RPO forwards Site Selection Brief (Task 5) and completed Considerations Matrix (Task 7/or Task 8) to the SADFO and BSM and to stakeholders, as nominated in the Minute to the RM (Task 6) for their review and comment.


Regional Staff and Stakeholders provide their comments for each siting option.


Feedback from stakeholders is received by RPO.

Activity 3

RPO considers the comments from Regional Staff and Stakeholders on the Site Selection Brief and Considerations Matrix to determine/confirm the best site.


One optimum site is readily identified.


If, on assessment of the Site Selection Brief and Considerations Matrix, the RPO feels unable to endorse one site, the RPO may convene an SSB meeting comprising the relevant subject matter experts to identify the optimum site.


One site nominated for recommendation.