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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 6 - Regional Review

Send Minute to Regional Director


Regional Project Officer (RPO) writes a Minute to the Regional Director (RD), with the Site Selection Brief attached (Step 5).

Minute to RD seeks approval to proceed with the site selection process using a Regional Review (ie no Site Selection Board) and with the RD as the Approval Authority. The Minute should include:

  • Why Regional Review has been selected;
  • Mandatory Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts;
  • Other relevant stakeholders as required; and
  • The Approval Authority
  • Site Selection Brief


The Minute to the RD acts as a blueprint for the review and evaluation stage of the Site Selection Process as it identifies and names the key stakeholders.

It is imperative in this step that the Regional Project Officer (RPO), takes the time to reflect on the nature, scale and impact of the project to ensure that the stakeholders are fully informed of all key issues affecting the project. This may include external stakeholders and the local community.

If the RD wishes to delegate his authority to approve under this site selection business process then the authority can not be delegated to any person other than the Manager Estate & Facilities Services for that region. Written proof of this delegation must be retained with the site selection documentation for future reference.

Note.  No position, other than those nominated, has the authority to approve a site selection process as a Regional Review.

At this point, the RD may direct that the project receive a Full Review, with the authority for the SSB approval process being transferred to the DGEP.