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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 8 - Full Review

Review & Evaluation of the Considerations Matrix & Conduct a Site Selection Board

Activity 1

DPO or Project Contractor sends the completed considerations from the Considerations Matrix to the relevant subject matter experts for their review. *all requests to EE branch need to go from the Project Officer through the PRAP process.

Note: This activity is not required if previously undertaken in Task 7.


Subject matter experts include those identified or involved in the initial development of the Matrix.

Subject matter experts are to review the comments provided in the Considerations Matrix for the considerations where their guidance was not obtained by the DPO or contractor in Task 7. Similar to Task 7, they may impose Conditions for any or all of the siting options.

For instance, "Option 1 is acceptable subject to....". If a subject matter experts finds that an option is not acceptable (for whatever reason), those reasons should be included in their feedback.


  • Subject matter experts review comments in the Considerations Matrix for each siting option and impose conditions as considered appropriate.
  • SSB members are advised of issues with site option/s.

Activity 2

DPO or Project Contractor sends completed Considerations Matrix to SSB Chair (if not DPO).


SSB Chair and stakeholders are those identified in the 'Minute to DGEP' prepared in Task 6. Additional stakeholders may be added as deemed appropriate.

The completed Considerations Matrix should be sent to SSB members and stakeholders a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the SSB meeting.


Documentation received by Chair of SSB and stakeholders.

Activity 3

Convene a SSB meeting


SSB meeting preferably held at the site for the proposed options.

Sites are visited. Siting options evaluated by SSB attendees. The Considerations Matrix is used as a point of reference in discussions of the various siting options and any concerns of subject matter experts must be raised. A preferred option is to be determined.


A preferred siting option is identified for recommendation by Chair and SSB voting members.

Activity 4

Draft SSB Report prepared and sent out to SSB attendees


Attendees review Report to confirm whether they accurately reflect discussion, comments and recommendations made during SSB meeting.


Report is reviewed.

Activity 5

When Report is agreed, SSB members endorse the recommended siting option


Report is signed by SSB members or confirmation by email is acceptable.