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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 7 - Full Review

Fill in the Considerations Matrix


Defence Project Officer (DPO) or delegated Project Contractor fills in the Considerations Matrix in consultation with identified Subject Matter Experts.


The Considerations Matrix is a comprehensive list of potential risks, or issues that are to be considered for each siting option.

The aim is to assist in establishing the suitability of each siting option with respect to the various aspects of the project.

It is not anticipated that all listed considerations will necessarily be relevant to all of the siting options.

The filling out of the Considerations Matrix is the responsibility of the Defence Project Officer, however the Project Contractor (eg PM/CA) may assist with this process.

The DPO or delegated contractor is expected to have the requisite technical expertise to decide which considerations are likely to be of relevance and to complete the information requested as far as practicable. Where uncertainty exists as to the relevance of a consideration, subject matter experts (SME) should be contacted for guidance and to assist in filling in the required information. It is not necessary to contact an authority if a consideration is clearly not relevant to a potential siting option.

A SME point of contact for each consideration in the Considerations Matrix is listed in the considerations matrix SME contact list

Important Note: all requests to EE branch need to go from the Project Officer through the PRAP process.


The Considerations Matrix is completed for each siting option.