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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 5 - Full Review

Write Site Selection Brief


Defence Project Officer develops a Site Selection Brief.

Brief to include:

  • Purpose of project.
  • Background information relating to project including budget; personnel affected; any known design or site constraints for the project.
  • List of potential sites under consideration.
  • Details of how the site options being presented meet with the specified ‘Defence Estate Principles of Development’. Annexure A to the Brief - ‘Defence Estate Principles of Development Statement of Compliance Checklist for Site Selection Process’ is to be completed.
  • Maps of potential sites and locality plan to be attached. All site maps should include a scale and north point.
  • Design layout plans and documentation for facilities attached (if available at this stage).


The Site Selection Brief serves as a cover note to brief all interested parties including the approval authority on the nature and scope of the project. It should detail any known key project issues and impacts in relation to the potential sites chosen. It should ensure that all stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and the Site Selection Board have sufficient information to provide them with a basic understanding of the project and any site options under consideration.

The ‘Defence Estate Principles of Development’ relevant to the selection of site options must be considered. Comment is to be provided as to whether each of the site options selected meet each of the relevant principles. Where a principle has not been met an explanation of why the site should still be considered is to be provided. The ‘Defence Estate Principles of Development’ their purpose and the authority for implementing them as policy can be found under the Policy section in DEQMS.

The site and locality maps should enable the potential sites to be easily identified and should remove any uncertainty regarding their locations on the base.


Site Selection Brief completed and is included with the Minute in Task 6.