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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 10 - Full Review

DGEP approval of adherence to authorised Site Selection Process & Recommended Site

Activity 1

DGEP assesses adherence to the authorised Site Selection Process.

If the Site Selection Process is rejected, the Site Selection Process begins again at Task 1 or at the incomplete/missed Task and the Chair of the SSB informed of decision as per Activity 3 below.


DGEP reviews checklist and supporting documentation to ensure that the authorised Site Selection Process has occurred.

If Site Selection Process is rejected, site is automatically rejected.


Site Selection Process approved or rejected.

Activity 2

DGEP provides sign-off on recommended site (on Siting Recommendation Minute as provided in Task 9 (Full Review))


DGEP as Approval Authority must determine that the process has produced the site for which the infrastructure project is the optimum and highest use of the site and does not conflict with the current or future development of the particular Defence facility.


Site is approved. The submission and approval of the Minute is recorded in the Site Selection Register for future reference.

Activity 3

The Site Selection Adminstration Co-ordinator, acting on behalf of DGEP, informs the DPO or SSB Chair of decision to approve/reject process and of the approval or rejection of the recommended site. Where a site is approved the signed Minute and endorsed plan of the approved site is returned to the PO.


Chair of the SSB informed of decision.

Activity 4

DPO or SSB Chair sends a copy of the Minute with DGEP approval to SSB Members, Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to inform them of the decision.


SSB members and Stakeholders as per minute to DGEP Task 6 (Full Review) and Subject Matter Experts as identified to assist in completing the Considerations Matrix Task 7 (Full Review).


SSB Members, Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts informed of siting decision.

Activity 5

If appropriate, Defence Project Officer sends a copy of Minute with DGEP approval to the Project Contractor.


Project proceeds at approved site. Any conditions included in the signed siting approval Minute must be complied with.