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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 3

Identify Potential Siting Options


Identify potential siting options for the project.


Preferably more than one potential site should be identified.

The selection of potential sites must have regard to the approved Zone or Master Plan for the Defence establishment. Sites selected should be consistent with the objectives and identified uses for the various zones as set out in the Zone Plan.

More recently approved Master/Zone Plans can be obtained from the Estate Planning (Documents Directory) page on the DEQMS and NSIMS (when available). These documents are to be consulted to ensure consistency with Defence objectives, suitable zone and/or precinct uses and spatial considerations.

The Base Planning (Zone Planning team) Directorate can provide advice regarding the existence of current Master/Zone Plans.

Having identified potential site areas within the appropriate zone consultation with the respective SADFO and/or representatives, BSM and regional staff, Service HQ Representative, CFI Project Officers, potential stakeholders, sponsors, and Subject Matter Experts should be undertaken prior to the finalisation of the site options.

Early consultation will reduce the possibility of inappropriate site options being presented to the SSB for consideration.

Further involvement of the stakeholders in the Site Selection process will be formalised later at Step 6.

Service HQ Representatives will provide Single Service Infrastructure Planning guidance as deemed relevant to the Project.

Any known design and/or budget constraints should be considered.

Consult with Regional Staff and Base Planning Directorate (Zone Planning team) to establish that the potential sites that have been selected have not already been identified or approved for other planned infrastructure activities.


One or more (usually 3) potential sites identified.