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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Site Selection Task 1

Confirm Project Pre-requisites

This Site Selection Process is to be used for selecting sites for all Infrastructure Projects

The Site Selection Process is Defence's procedure for approving the location of buildings, facilities and infrastructure across the Defence Estate. This does not include the siting of temporary construction site offices and compounds.

This process also does not apply to approving the siting of buildings and facilities on land leased from Defence (located within or adjacent to a RAAF Base) for the operation of a regional civilian airport. These civilian facilities are Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Learmonth and Curtin Airports. Defence approval for the construction of buildings and facilities on these leased areas is subject to separate consent/approval processes, in accordance with the terms of the lease agreements and any associated approved Master Plan.

A project receives siting consideration via one of two types of review. The steps for each review type are similar, however the approval authority is different. For projects undergoing a Full Review, the Approval Authority is DGEP whereas for Regional Reviews, it is the respective Regional Director (or the Manager Estate & Facilities Services as their nominated delegate). In addition, a Full Review will include the conduct of a Site Selection Board.

Projects delivered through Capital Facilities & Infrastructure (CFI), previously IAD, will generally use the Full Review Process. Projects instigated or delivered at a regional level will generally use the Regional Review process, unless Table 1 included at Task 4 triggers a requirement to undertake a Full Review.

The criteria in Table 1 at Task 4 are by no means exhaustive. The purpose of the criterion is to assist in identifying specific issues that may impact on the project and lead to inappropriate siting, presenting a high risk to the project or base operations. In this regard, a Regional Director may direct that any regionally delivered project undergo a Full Review, if deemed appropriate.

For CFI (previously IAD) managed projects, the Site Selection Process should be formally commenced during Asset Life-Cycle Development Phase 'E' - DBC & Site Selection. For ‘new works’ under the 'Estate Maintenance Lifecycle‘ the Site Selection Process is undertaken in part of the Yr Minus 1 of the Project Delivery process. Regionally delivered projects, including Defence related projects or non-Defence projects involving leases (or requiring a new lease), are typically instigated by a sponsor or third party.

The key driver behind the Site Selection Process is the sustainability of the Defence Estate. New facilities or infrastructure should 'fit' appropriately within their surroundings and not adversely affect existing facilities and operations, or the safety and wellbeing of Defence and non-Defence personnel or neighbouring civilians. The process is designed to give consideration to a range of potential issues for all projects.

The size, nature, complexity and funding of an infrastructure project will determine whether it is managed within Defence resources or whether some of the project management is outsourced. Irrespective of this, all infrastructure projects, including non-Defence projects, must have a Defence Project Officer to facilitate the Site Selection Process. The Defence Project Officer has the responsibility for managing and driving all timeframes and milestones associated with the Site Selection Process.

Pre-existing Conditions

Defence Project Activities

  1. Defence project is initiated.
  2. Project has approval to progress in accordance with the Asset Life Cycle - Development Phase E or Estate Maintenance Program process.
  3. Defence Project Officer identified.
  4. Project Contractor appointed (if applicable)


  • Project Contractor appointed (if applicable)
  • Asset Life-Cycle on DEQMS


Project is ready for Site Selection process.


Non-Defence Project Activities

  1. Non-Defence project is instigated by a third party.
  2. Defence sponsor or point of contact (Defence Project Officer) is identified.
  3. Project point of contact (Project Contractor) is identified.


Asset Life Cycle on DEQMS


Non-Defence project on Defence land or land leased from Defence is ready for Site Selection process.