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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Project Support

Estate Services Division

Project Support is a service provided to all Defence endorsed projects, this service focuses on the support to Capital Infrastructure and Estate Works Program projects as these are the primary source of project activities on the Defence Estate.


Figure 1: Yellow Shading represents scope of Project Support activity in the Estate Management Lifecycle.


Origins of Service

A key target of Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) is to improve how the Defence Estate is managed and supported. For a number of years now there has been sustained capital investment in the Estate in excess of $1bn per annum. A critical element to the successful delivery of this program is the smooth transition of new work into sustainment.

Project Support is a term used within the Estate Services Division (ESD) Operating Model and Base Services Contract. It describes a holistic approach to the Development, Delivery and Acceptance into service of projects that impact the estate, either physically through changes to the estate or changes to the services provided through the suite of Base Services Contracts. Project Support includes Commissioning, Completion and Handover/ Takeover.

Project Support is a service provided to all Defence endorsed Capital Infrastructure and Estate Works Program projects as these are the primary source of project activities on the Estate.

The scope of project support also includes support to:

  • Projects and consultancies delivered through the Estate Works Program;
  • Projects delivered through the Major Capital Facilities Program;
  • Estate Planning Branch Estate Planning Activities;
  • National Estate Appraisal and Assurance Activities;
  • Projects delivered by other Contract Authority authorised parties, e.g. CIOG, CASG, external agencies and Unit delivered works;
  • Establishing, extending or cessation of property, land or building leases; and
  • Interfacing with other service providers in management of joint deeds of responsibility such as airfield and maritime facilities.

Principle of Responsibility in Project Support

No one area is solely responsible for Project Support. To be successful Project Support requires a collaborative interaction between all stakeholders. Including the Sponsor, the Deliverer, the beneficiary and maintainers or service providers.

The split of responsibility between Contractors and ESD is based on the following structure of estate services under the ESD Operating model and the suite of Base Services Contracts:

  • EMOS is responsible for day to day management of the estate. They are also ESD advisor on Estate management. The purpose for the Project Support function is for EMOS providers to be clearly involved in the provision of technical advice in support of Major Capital Facilities, Estate Maintenance Program and other projects to ensure the following
    • Consistent and timely advice on the operability and maintainability of estate items delivered by the project;
    • Smooth transition of newly constructed/changed facilities into service;
    • Maintain the operating aspects of the base during project delivery;
    • Validate updates to estate, compliance and contract data; and
    • Ensure effective determination of NPOC and contract amendments for transition to in-service.
  • The EMOS provides competent advice to Defence on project matters but as a contractor can not accept deliverables or make decisions on behalf of Defence.
  • Like the EMOS, Miscellaneous Service Provider Contractors deliver services and advise Defence on MSP contracted services. With regard to project matters while they will be called upon for advice they, like the EMOS, cannot accept deliverables or make decisions on behalf of Defence.
  • PD DEPU has responsibility for ongoing maintenance and servicing of new and changed elements of the estate on behalf of E&IG.
  • ESD staff involved in Project Support includes Region, Base and Product and Service Manager staff.
  • Regional staff have a delegated role in accepting project deliverables on behalf of ESD. EMOS advises ESD in the exercising of acceptance.
  • ESD is accountable for assurance reviews and activities. Contractors may be responsible for undertaking these activities on behalf of ESD.

Interim Nature of Services

Defence intends to establish a permanent Project Support solution as soon as possible after review of the interim arranagments put in place in April 2016. Duration of the interim approach is dependant on the agreement and implementation of a permanent service solution into the EMOS contract.

Last Modified: May 2017
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU