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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Revenue Licensing - Telecommunication and Utilities Providers Use of Defence Estate

The following process outline the approval path required for revenue licensing of the Defence Estate to telecommunication and utilities company providers.

The Defence requirement is for Sponsor (entity must be clearly defined) support, for a licence through an Estate Investment Requirement (EIR). In that request, Defence consultation through various Defence areas of interest is mandatory, including Regional and Divisional facilities and planning.

Sponsors should ensure appropriate consultation has been conducted with all potentially affected areas during the preparation phase of the EIR.

The Sponsor facilitates consultation with E&IG Estate staff., which at a minimum this should include:

  • Base Services Manager (BSM)
  • Regional Director Defence Estate Support
  • Director Estate Facilities & Services – Estate Support
  • Estate Planning Branch – Infrastructure Division (ID)
  • Directorate Property Leasing (DPL) - ID
  • Defence Spectrum Office; and
  • DOTAM (where Training Areas are affected)

Sponsors of telecommunications and/or utilities licences should also be aware of the Civil Use of the Defence Estate Manual (CUDEM) which outlines the consideration for allowing civil use of defence estate assets. The manual prescribes the mandatory procedures for proposing, authorising, implementing and concluding such use, Operational or Strategic Impact of the proposal, and is grouped in the document, under the following Civil user categories:

  1. Commercial enterprises. This user category includes commercial operators and businesses that use Defence estate assets as part of their business activities to service the civil community.

    Use of Defence estate assets is provided under a licence or Deed of Agreement (Deed) for a specified term to allow the commercial enterprise to undertake its business function or activity. Examples include use of:

  • Defence land by telecommunication service providers to install communications towers for public networks; and
  • Defence land by an electricity distribution company to gain access to an electricity easement to maintain its electricity infrastructure.

When authorising use, the CUDEM also makes reference to competition with the private sector, and that the Defence Approval Authority must consider the implications of depriving the private sector of business opportunity through Defence offering assets that are otherwise commercially available.

In other words, Defence must ensure competitive neutrality between those with, and those without access.

The Sponsor should also be aware for potential criticism by other civil entities that might perceive Defence favouritism for one entity over another.

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  • Regional Director, Estate Support Services
  • DEFS, Estate Support Services
  • Base Support Manager - BSM
  • Estate Planning Branch - Infrastructure Division (ID)
  • Directorate Property Leasing (DPL) - ID
  • Defence Spectrum Office