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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Overseas Lease Management

The overseas leasing team, part of the Estate and Infrastructure Group, through the Directorate of Property Leasing, is responsible for the management and funding for the overseas accommodation portfolio. This portfolio comprises of office and residential accommodation for attached A-based personnel, as well as personnel posted to RMAF Butterworth and RANLO Singapore. The Directorate of Property Leasing is also responsible for meeting all reporting obligations on behalf of Post.

Defence is required to participate in ‘whole of Government’ fit-out projects where Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade deem that accommodation is inadequate. The Overseas Leasing team co-ordinate the submission of space briefs in consultation with post staff and the Directorate Attaché and Overseas Management, to ensure that Defence’s requirements for present and future occupancies are met.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Assistant Secretary Property Management (ASPM) is responsible for the management of Defences real estate transactions including: property acquisition, disposal, and leasing and is responsible for managing and delivering the Defence Property Disposals Program. Any queries about property disposal matters should be directed to the Director Property Disposals in the first instance.

Should you require any further information, or wish to provide suggestions on the requirement standards, please contact the Overseas Leasing team.

Name Position Location Phone Number
Rachel Hartfield Overseas Property Manager BP26-G-A028 02 6266 8436
Marion Pino Overseas Property Officer BP26-G-A025 02 6266 8536

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