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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Estate Information

Request IBIS Estate Data Form "Yellow Form" Version 2.0 Excel 2003

NOTE to Users: Requests for Queensland Region/Zone are not being accepted due to GEMS Deployment 1 & 2.

Request Unique Estate Identifier FormBlue Form" Version 8.0 Excel 2003

Request Unique Estate Identifier FormGreen Form” Version 1.0 Excel 2010 (External Use Only)

NOTE to DRN Users:The Microsoft Excel 2010 version of the Request UEI Form (Green Form) will not work on the DRN. This is for external users only. The website link can be forwarded to external parities, however the file is not able to be opened from the website via the DRN. Those users on the DRN must continue using the EXCEL 2003 version until the SOE upgrades to the Microsoft 2010 suite.

Estate Data Tool template -see NOTE below before accessing this link

NOTE*It is very important that no changes are made to the structure of the Estate Data Tool to preserve compliance with the Estate Register Information Model rules. The macro that produces the Information Deliverable Specification (IDS) for loading to IBIS, relies on the data structure as provided in the Estate Data Tool. Changes made to the structure may result in rejection of the data in the upload process.Rows from row 9 onwards may be removed without effect and can be removed by right clicking on the specific/group of rows and then selecting the delete option 

Estate Data Tool to IDS Macro ONLY avalible for DRN Internal EMOS Use