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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Estate Information

Quick Links Estate Information

This page provides guidance on Defence standards and procedures for estate information in various forms, including

  • Descriptive estate data
  • Estate related documents
  • Geospatially referenced estate files
  • Asset Information and
  • Operations and Maintenance Forecasts

This information is provided as a guide for supply of estate information through a variety of processes including:

  • Estate Works projects
  • Capital Facilities & Infrastructure projects
  • Day to day updates
  • Estate Planning
  • Engineering and Environment Policy
  • Estate Data Quality & Assurance
  • Estate Appraisal
  • Property Management

Important Information

The "update" version of the EDT has to be password protected because it contains the network information relating to the IBIS database and under ICT security policy this information (username, database name, server names) has to be protected. Because the spreadsheet is password protected, the HAIGS (Defence internet gateway) can't open it and therefore will reject any emails that contain it as an attachment. Please review the User Instructions for more information.
Last Modified: Aug 2017
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU