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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Tender Lodgement

Tender Lodgement via Queanbeyan Mail Centre

All tenders are to arrive at the Queanbeyan Mail Centre on or before 12 noon on the day the tender has closed.

IMPORTANT: If there is a change to the tender closing time, email the email address.

Tender Delivery Address:

Please ensure that the below address is used in your Tender documentation to identify the delivery of Tenders.

Defence Mail Services Queanbeyan
Annex 6, 14-22 Wycombe Street
Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Tender Postal Address:

Defence Mail Services
PO Box 7925
Canberra BC, ACT, 2610

Supporting Guidance

Please refer to the Tender Guidance for Lodgement at Queanbeyan Mail Centre.

Tender Lodgement via AusTender

Defence use the Level 3 electronic lodgement functionality to allow industry to submit their tenders to a secure tenderbox via the AusTender website.

Once the decision has been made to close a Tender electronically the following key activities need to be actioned:

  1. Tender Documents - Ensure the tender documents specify electronic submission of responses.
  2. AusTender - Select the option to allow electronic submission of responses.
  3. Tender Opening - Preparation
    • Select the Electronic Opening Team - Visit Directorate Program Assurance (DPA) to identify CFI users with appropriate access. You will need 1 "Opener" and 2 "Witness".
    • Setup Calendar Appointment - At a miminum of 2 weeks prior to tender close, send an Outlook Request to the "Electronic Opening Team".
      • Include a copy of the PDDP /PEP to validate procurement.
      • Include an objective folder reference for saving responses.
      • Include the AusTender Passphrase created at time of publishing the ATM.
  4. Tender Opening

Tender Lodgement via Email - (DIP and DEHP Only)

Please refer to the Email Guidance for General Tendering, Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) and the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel (DEHP).

IMPORTANT: If there is a change to the tender closing time, email the email address.