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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Tender Advertising (including AusTender)

Defence Procurement Policy Manual (DPPM)

You must refer to the Defence Procurement Policy Manual (DPPM) to access full guidelines for tender advertising. The tender process follows the core purchasing principle of "value for money" as set out in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

Project Identifier Number - AZ Number

AZ Numbers are only required for tenders being received in hard copy at Queanbeyan Mail Centre or via the ID Tender Coordinator email address.

1. The following steps are required before a number can be issued:

  • Open up an email and address it to the
  • Copy the content of this table into the email and complete.
    All * Essential information must be completed for a tender number to be actioned
  • Description/Name: e.g. Project number and Name/Description of Project. *
    Type: e.g. RFT or ITR or DIP or DEHP or Single Select or etc.*
    Submission Type: e.g. Mail or Electronic. *
    Opening/Issue Date: e.g. Opening of issue date of tender.*
    Close Date: e.g. The date which tender is closed and time.*
    Contact Name: e.g. Contact Officer for tender.*
    Contact Number: e.g. 68589 or 02 6266 8589.*
    Expected Volume of Submissions e.g. small (<5), medium (<10), large (>10)
    Further Information: e.g. Your desk location, if it will be received online.

2. Once complete, an AZ number will be provided. Please notify the Tender Coordinator of changes ASAP.

Tender Advertising via AusTender - Mandatory

AusTender is the system used to enable agencies to meet their publishing obligations under the CPRs. The CPRs require that agencies must publish all open ATMs on AusTender. It also enables agencies to monitor and review their AusTender-based procurements. Please refer to the Austender Publishing website (internal only) for guidelines including the use of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) as a hierarchical convention to classify all goods and services.

AusTender Access

  • CFI Staff who require access to publish an ATM on AusTender need to obtain a user name and password via the Directorate of Program Assurance (DPA).
    • Access is restricted to those with a business need and it is recommended that only one person per area be responsible to publish an ATM. This staff member will receive the relevant training necessary for gaining access to AusTender.
  • Non CFI Staff - Click here for how to get access (internal only)

AusTender Advice

Note: Department of Finance and Deregulation (DOFD) are the policy owners of AusTender and have a Help Desk facility.  We aim to manage any AusTender issues internally and will advise if there is a requirement to call the AusTender Help Desk. Tenderers are however required to contact the AusTender Help Desk to resolve any issue they may have when accessing the site and uploading their tender submissions.

AusTender Supporting Documents

Please refer to the following document when using the AusTender Level 2 Functionality.

Please refer to the following documents when entering information in to AusTender.