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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


CFI Construction - Development Phase

C. Strategic Business Case (SBC) Development

The main purpose of the SBC is to investigate the options that were endorsed by the EIP. The SBC details greater information on the options presented in the EIP. It also provides justification of expenditure to proceed to a Detailed Business Case and the recommendation of a preferred option(s). The SBC may include clarifying location - narrowing down the geographical location where this is not obvious from the screen - or financing options such as Private Financing Initiatives (PFI), leasing or Defence build options. Captial Facilites Infrastructure (CFI) Project Officers are responsible for the development of the SBC, but rely heavily on Consultant and Stakeholder input. During this period, Project staff should assess the performance of the PM/CA during the Pre-Planning Phase and amend PDDP if required.

Process Tasks

Task 2 - Conduct Start Up Meetings

  • Conduct Start Up Meetings with PMCA and other Consultants as required
  • PMCA run Start-up Meetings with relevant Regional Representatives
  • Confirm User Requirements
  • Liaise with the CFI CIOG Liaison Team
  • Finalise Consultants WHS Plan, inclusive of, Risks and Hazards Log and Consult Cooperate Coordinate (CCC) Checklist and Plan

(Regional Estate staff, Key Base Personnel, CIOG rep, DSA rep, Environmental rep, CMS and GSS Reps etc.) Liaise with the CIOG/CFI Liaison cell

Compliance Elements WHS Compliance Element WHS CIOG Compliance Element CIOG

Task 3 - Workshop the development of a Project Security Plan, as required by eDSM with the PMCA and relevant security reps

Compliance Elements Security Compliance Element Security

Task 4 - Using the Strategic Business Case (SBC) Template commence Strategic Business Case Activities including:

Compliance Elements CIOG Compliance Element ICT Environment Element Environment

Task 5 - SBC

Complete Strategic Business Case (SBC) (+/- 30% cost and scope confidence) detailing preferred delivery option.

Include in SBC Schedule time required to complete Government approval and PWC process.

Task 6 - Finalise SBC and Obtain Sponsor Approval

  • All projects estimated to cost over $7m (excl GST) are tabled at the DEC individually. If the project is considered by DEC the copies of those minutes are to be sourced and retained on the project file.
  • If a project cost is below $7m (excl GST) and deemed complex, any stakeholder may request individual consideration by DEC.
  • Projects less than $4.5m (excl GST) submit to DGCFI for initial approval.
  • Projects between $4.5m and $7m submit to DGCFI for review and HI for approval.
  • After endorsement is gained for the SBC assess if there are any changes as a result of the DEC deliberations. If there are changes a minute must be prepared outlining the changes to notify sponsors and to seek their signature acknowledging the change.

Task 7 - Assessment

Assess PM/CA performance and Planning Stage strategy in PDDP. Amend strategy in PDDP if required and obtain Executive Review & Approval (ERA).

Task8 - DBC

Engage a new PM/CA as per the above process for the development of the DBC.


Subject to satisfactory performance, negotiate with the Pre-Planning Phase PM/CA for the development of the DBC