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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Probity - Internal Advice

How do I know what level of advice I need?

For all projects less than $6 million in value, the relevant Project Director and Project Officers must liaise with the Directorate Program Assurance (DPA) to determine what level of advice is needed.

IMPORTANT: When using DPA to provide internal Probity advice, the Project Team will be responsible for recording all Probity related communication in the Probity Communication Register. This register must then be attached to the relevant Board Report as an Annex.

How do I request DPA as a Probity Advisor?

Send an email to e& requesting DPA as a Probity Advisor. They will respond with the staff member who will be allocated to your procurement. It is requested that during the procurement, where possible, you email your requests to the above address to ensure we can respond in a timely manner.

Internal Probity Advice provided by DPA will include independent advice and assistance during the procurement process to ensure that the procurement is conducted fairly and in accordance with Commonwealth requirements.

Probity Advice Services Available from DPA:

  • Prepare and deliver a verbal Probity brief before the commencement of the tender process to ensure project staff are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations from the outset;
  • Respond to questions from the Board during the tender process;
  • Provide a probity briefing at the industry briefing;
  • Review industry briefing materials (if different from those available on DEQMS);
  • DPA would not normally attend the Tender Evaluation Board, however where necessary are able to provide guidance and advice during the proceedings and provide a probity briefing at the commencement;
  • As part of the executive review processes, the DPA will review the Tender Board Report for alignment with the PDDP and Evaluation Plan;
  • If required, attend debriefs; or
  • Review material prepared for debriefs.

DPA Internal Probity Advisors:

  • Lisa Drummond
  • Tanya Martens
  • Rohan Burnside
  • Bob Baird