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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


CFI Construction - Delivery Phase

G. PMCA Services

A phased engagement approach means that PM/CA performance during the Development Phase can be assessed. Subject to satisfactory performance, the Project is to negotiate and finalise the indicative fees and scope of work provided at time of tendering for the role. Alternatively, due to performance or otherwise the Project may amend the PDDP outlining a new strategy for PM/CA services. Executive Review and Approval is required for any change in strategy.

Process Tasks

Task 2 - Assess PM/CA performance and amend PDDP, if required

Satisfactory - PMCA Performance

Subject to satisfactory performance, negotiate with the Planning PM/CA for the Delivery Phase

  • Develop Negotiation Plan
  • Update WHS Plan for Delivery Phase
  • Develop Lessons Learnt Register


Unsatisfactory - PMCA Performance

Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element WHS

Task 4 - Negotiations

Conduct negotiations

Task 6 - Purchase Order

Raise Purchase Order (PO) in DEMSID (CFI Guide).

IDFS team will process in ROMAN and load funds against Purchase Order (PO).

Task 7 - Contract

Exercise Contract Signatory delegation to execute Contract Particulars.

Note: Information contained in Section 5 of the Contract Manual - Vol 2 - Completing the Tender and Contract Documents

Task 8 - WHS

Project WHS Risks and Hazards reviewed. Consult Cooperate Coordinate (CCC) Checklist and Plan completed. Consultants WHS Plan finalised.

Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element WHS