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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Construction Project

Develop - Preliminary Detailed Business Case (PDBC) - Estate (Not Capability)

Trigger - PM/CA Engaged for PDBC Development

Ongoing Activity – PMCA Provide GEMS Update

SAP Image

Upon appointing the PMCA updates to Defence SAP will be based on ongoing and ad hoc reporting by the PMCA. For updates to GEMS SAP PPM the Project Information Exchange (PIX) tool should be used as follows:

  • Project Officer exports the current schedule and cost plan and provides them to the PMCA.
  • PMCA  provides the Project Officer with updates
  • Project Officer reviews updates
  • Project Officer imports updates into Defence SAP – PPM
  • Project Officer adds Objective links to Checklist Item as required
For this process the following Tasks should be updated:
  • PDBC draft Complete
  • PDBC Complete
  • Clearance of PDBC
  • Document Drop for Gate Reviews
For updates to project risks, the Project Officer will document/update key budget, schedule, scope, and other risks that require visibility within the Branch into Defence SAP - GRC.

Activity - Commence PDBC and Design Activities

The following activities to be included as a project tasks or checklist:

  • Review Risks in IBC and E&IG Gate Review outcomes.
  • Identify personnel (Defence and external) to support design process;
  • Consult Lead Environmental Officer (LEO) to ensure Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and SDD requirements identified/communicated to contractor;
  • Develop User Requirements Brief; and
  • Ensure CIOG submissions - ICT Business Requests - have been completed.

Activity - Validate User Requirements

Note: Regional contractor to be made available under Base Services agreement.

Activity - Site Selection Activities

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  • Follow the DEQMS Site Selection process:
    • Confirm Project Pre-requisites;
    • Establish the Project Type
    • Identify Potential Siting Options
    • Determine the Review Type - Full or Regional
    • Write Site Selection Brief
    • Send Minute to Regional Director / Regional Director Estate Planning
    • Complete Considerations Matrix
    • Review and Evaluate Matrix
    • Recommend the Preferred Option for Approval
    • Seek approval of adherence to Authorised Site Selection Process and Recommended Site; and
    • Select Site

Activity - Develop Functional Design Brief (FDB)

Project Officer monitors progress of Functional Design Brief (FDB) development.  The following activities to be included:

  • SDD workshops
  • Value Management workshops; and
  • Environmental Risks workshops

The Project Officer can add more detailed tasks or checklists to the Project Plan if required.

Activity 5 - Stakeholder Review

Functional Design Brief (FDB) disseminated for review and comment, including PRAP review.

Activity 6 - Finalise FDB and Produce MPFR Report

Functional Design Brief (FDB) is finalised from stakeholder input.  MPFR Report (5%) is completed if required.

Activity 7 - Sponsor Sign-off

The relevant documentation is provided to the Sponsor for review and sign-off.

Activity 8 - Develop Concept Design

The Concept Design is developed by the Design Services Contract DSC.

Activity 9 - Produce Concept Design Report

Concept Design Report (30%) is produced for review by the relevant stakeholders.

Activity 10 - Stakeholder Review

Concept Design Report is disseminated for review and comment, including PRAP review.

Activity 11 - Incorporate Feedback and Director Review

Incorporate the Stakeholder feedback into the Concept Design Report(CDR) and provide for Director Review.

Activity - Confirm NPOC estimates for inclusion in DBC

Obtain sponsor Group's Finance Officer's sign-off for projects with a value of less than $20m. This will facilitate the transfer of NPOC funds, which require funding by the Sponsor for projects under $20m. A signature is not required for projects above $20m as the funding source is a Portfolio provision

Activity - Confirm Active ICT Requirements

Risk & Compliance Elements ICT ICT

  • Confirm Active ICT Requirements. Liaise with the CIOG/CFI Liaison cell
  • Ensure Active ICT costs have been received from PDS

Activity - Initiate PDBC Draft

SAP Image

  • Prepare PDBC using the Preliminary Detailed Business Case (DBC) Template
  • Undertake a generic risk review to confirm the risks identified at the previous stage are relevant. Also identify any new risks relevant to this procurement activity.
    • use the Project Risk Tool (PRT). The Risk Assessment is to involve all key Stakeholders and summarise the key risks associated with procurement.
  • Additionally, through the early engagement of the regional staff and contractors it is important that specific training requirements are identified.
  • Draft the commissioning, handover and takeover plan.


Activity - Project Governance Board (PGB) Review

  • Concept Design and Draft DBC are provided to the Project Governance Board (PGB) for review.