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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Manage Construction Project

Transition - Handover & Takeover

Trigger - Works or Stage Construction is Complete

Ongoing Activity – PMCA Provide GEMS Update

SAP Image

Upon appointing the PMCA updates to Defence SAP will be based on ongoing and ad hoc reporting by the PMCA. For updates to GEMS SAP - PPM the Project Information Exchange (PIX) tool should be used as follows:

  • Project Officer exports the current schedule and cost plan and provides them to the PMCA.
  • PMCA  provides the Project Officer with updates
  • Project Officer reviews updates
  • Project Officer imports updates into Defence SAP – PPM
  • Project Officer adds Objective links to Checklist Item as required
For this process the following Tasks should be updated:
  • Defects Liability Period Commences
  • Defcts Liability Period
  • Defects Liability Period Complete
For updates to project risks, the Project Officer will document/update key budget, schedule, scope, and other risks that require visibility within the Branch into Defence SAP - GRC.

Activity - Handover Works / Stage to CFI Project Officer or Representative

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data

  • Construction Contractor
    • Construction Contractor hands over the Works or the Stage (including keys etc to CFI)
  • CFI Project Officer
    • CFI Project Officer or appropriately cleared representative of CFI receives keys
    • CFI Project Officer ensures that all data and manuals have previously been provided to Service Delivery Division SDD

Activity - Handover Works / Stage to Regional Representative

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data

  • Regional Representative

Activity - Takeover

Risk & Compliance elements Security Compliance Element Security Environment Element Environment WHS Compliance Element WHS ICT ICT

  • EMOS Contractor
    • Commences operation, maintenance and support to the facility
    • Redirects rectification of Defects to Construction Contractor
    • Consideration of WHS Risks for end user and provision of all necessary information related to the safe operation of contractor supplied plant and equipment
    • EMOS Contractor responsible for operation and maintenance of Stage or Works except those determined as a Defect
  • Construction Contractor
    • Manages Defects as required by Defect Liability requirements of the Contract
    • Complete Post Activity Report requirements of the ECC (usually no later than 2 months after completion)
    • Install ICT Requirements, User Acceptance, Compliance Certificate and ongoing maintenance
  • Regional DSA
    • Regional DSA will conduct a Compliance Review and provide a Certificate of Compliance for Security
  • PMCA
    • Monitors and confirms all deflects closed out and rectified promptly, extend DLP periods as required