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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Manage Construction Project

Develop - Engage Designers or Managing Contractors

Once the PM/CA is engaged, it is necessary to follow the processes outlined for either engaging a Designer for the Head Contractor Strategy or a Managing Contractor for the Managing Contractor Strategy. The PM/CA is required to either develop a Brief for the DSC or MCC tender documents to enable engagement of a Designer or Managing Contractor, as appropriate. The Project Director is to review the documents prepared by the PM/CA. Once the ITR / RFT has been advertised, it is the role of the PM/CA to be the point of contact for the ITR / RFT. If engaged, the Probity Adviser can provide advice to the Commonwealth in responding to any clarifications raised or any other issues that arise during the tender and evaluation process. In the absence of a Probity Adviser, Director Program Assurance (DPA) should be contacted.

Ensure that all Executive Review and Approval (ERA) requirements of documents have been met. For ERA thresholds and delegations refer to Approvals page.

Trigger - Consultants Engaged and Contracts Executed, PDBC Approved

Ongoing Activity – PMCA Provide GEMS Update

SAP Image

Upon appointing the PMCA updates to Defence SAP will be based on ongoing and ad hoc reporting by the PMCA. For updates to GEMS SAP - PPM the Project Information Exchange (PIX) tool should be used as follows:

  • Project Officer exports the current schedule and cost plan and provides them to the PMCA.
  • PMCA  provides the Project Officer with updates
  • Project Officer reviews updates
  • Project Officer imports updates into Defence SAP – PPM
  • Project Officer adds Objective links to Checklist Item as required
For this process the following Tasks should be updated:
  • Prepare User Requirements Brief
  • Draft ITR
  • Legal Review
  • Release ITR
  • ITR Period
  • ITR Submissions received and processed
  • Assess ITR
  • Registration Evaluation Board (REB)
  • Draft REB Report
  • REBR approval - Shortlist
  • Draft RFT
  • Legal Review
  • Release RFT
  • RFT Period
  • Register RFT
  • Assess RFT
  • Tender Evaluation Board (TEB)
  • Draft TEB Report & Negotiation Plan
  • TEBR & Negotiation Plan Approved
  • Negotiations
  • Draft Negotiation outcome report
  • Approval of outcome report
  • Contract finalisation (PM/CA & Legal)
  • Section 23 Approval
  • Award Contract
For updates to project risks, the Project Officer will document/update key budget, schedule, scope, and other risks that require visibility within the Branch into Defence SAP - GRC.

Activity - LESSONS LEARNT - Open / Raise "Planning" Lessons Learnt Register

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data (Objective)

  • CFI Project Officer provides PMCA with the Lessons Learnt Register.
  • PMCA Open / Raise the "Planning" Tab of the Lessons Learnt Register.

Note: Lessons Learnt - Planning Process

Activity - PMCA develops the Brief

PMCA, will develop appropriate brief dependent on contracting strategy.


Activity - PMCA confirms with Stakeholders and Sponsors that requirements are reflected in the Brief

  • PM/CA
    • confirms with all Stakeholder and Sponsor that requirements are adequately reflected in the Brief.
      • this may include updating base drawings or other specific base/site requirements.
      • ensuring EMOS Project Support are included.
      • Sponsor(s) sign off as required.

Note: Finalise Brief incorporating E&IG Gate Review Outcomes.

Activity - Finalise Brief and produce MPFR Report, if required

  • Brief is finalised including:
    • incorporating Stakeholder and Sponsor input
    • incorporating E&IG Gate Review Outcomes
    • MPFR Report (5%), if required

Activity - LESSONS LEARNT - Conduct Lessons Learnt

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data (Objective)

Activity -PMCA/Project Officer follows the "How to Engage" Process documented within the Suite of Facilities Contracts to engage a Design or Managing Contractor (MC)

Risk & Compliance elements Finance / Procurement Element Finance / Procurement WHS Compliance Element WHS

PMCA/Project Officer will develop the brief and tender documents for engagement of a Design or Managing Contractor (MC) using the following: