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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


CFI Construction - Development Phase

F. Detailed Business Case Approvals

Following the Strategic Business Case - the Detailed Business Case (DBC) process is undertaken. The aim of the DBC is to provide a clear proposal, for Second Pass Departmental / Government consideration. The Second Pass approval of the DBC sets the scope and budget for a project. The project will move at this stage from the Unapproved Program to the Approved Major Capital Facilities Program (Green Book) and is cleared for referral to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) if the relevant cost is evident. Infrastructure Asset Development Branch is responsible for the development of the DBC.

For Head Contractor Strategy, the PWC and/or Government and Departmental Approval process is required prior to the activating the process for engaging a Head Contractor.

Process Tasks

Task 3 - Approvals

  • All projects estimated to cost over $7m (excl GST) are tabled at the DEC individually.
  • If a project cost is below $7m (excl GST) and deemed complex, any stakeholder may request individual consideration by DEC.
  • Projects less than $4.5m (excl GST) submit to DGCFI for initial approval.
  • After endorsement is gained for the DBC assess if there are any changes as a result of the DEC deliberations. If there are changes a minute must be prepared outlining the changes to notify sponsors and to seek their signature acknowledging the change.

Task 4 - Financial Approval Submission

DevelopFMA Regulation 9 Approval for Delivery Phase.

Task 5 - Approvals

Projects < $15m (inc GST)

Government and Departmental Approval process. Ensure Parliamentary Notification has occurred.


Approvals - Projects > $15m (inc GST)

Task 6 - Approvals

Financial delegate may now provide Delivery Phase Proposal and Procurement Approval.

Task 7 - Head Contract or Managing Contract

Head Contract

Managing Contract

  • Develop Negotiation Plan for Delivery Phase Fee Negotiations with MC
  • Update WHS Plan for delivery phase
Compliance Elements WHS Compliance Element WHS Environment Element Environment

Task 9 - Fee Negotiations

Conduct Delivery Phase Fee negotiations, confirm all Planning Phase Agreement requirements have been achieved, and Draft FMA Section 44 Approval.

Task 10 - Approvals

Financial Delegate to provide Contract Approval to achieve Planning Phase Approval

Task 12 - Purchase Order

Raise Purchase Order (PO) in DEMSID. IDFS will process in ROMAN and load funds against PO.

Task 13 - WHS

Compliance Elements WHS Compliance Element WHS