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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


CFI Construction - Delivery Phase

I. Construction & Contract Management

Regular project meetings as agreed in the Contract are to be conducted during the Construction (Delivery Phase) of the Project. This enables appropriate management and administration of the Contracts as well as the Project. During this period, variations and claims require effective management to comply with such legislation as Security for Payment. After completing Construction, Commissioning and Handover and the Defects Liability Period commence. Critical financial steps are also required, such as Asset Notifications, returning Bank Guarantees and closing financial instruments. Project Staff should refer to the "Guide to Project Financial Management" for further detail on such financial requirements.

Process Tasks

Task 2 - Completion of Conditions

Confirm completion of conditions precedent of access to Site have been achieved by Contractor.

Refer to the Commission Handover Takeover Policy for more information.

Task 3 - Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC)

Gain an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).

Compliance elements Environment Element Environment

Task 4 - Mobilisation & Site Establishment

Mobilisation and Site Establishment

Task 5 - Commence Construction

CIOG Project Manager assigned.

Project Officer to ensure that PMCA Commissioning, Handover and Takeover Project Plans produced in draft form in the Development Phase are finalised and endorsed by required parties, including regional staff and Other Contractors.

Task 6 - Management & Administration of Contract

Manage Asset Rollout requirement, nominally within 14 days of completion. The Asset Rollout Pack to be completed for each and every stage of works.

Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element WHS