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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Manage Construction Project

Deliver - Construction Contract Management

Regular project meetings as agreed in the Contract are to be conducted during the Construction (Delivery Phase) of the Project. This enables appropriate management and administration of the Contracts as well as the Project. During this period, variations and claims require effective management to comply with such legislation as Security for Payment. After completing Construction, Commissioning and Handover and the Defects Liability Period commence. Critical financial steps are also required, such as Asset Notifications, returning Bank Guarantees and closing financial instruments. Project Staff should refer to the "Guide to Project Financial Management" for further detail on such financial requirements.

Trigger - Construction Contracts Exercised

Ongoing Activity – PMCA Provide GEMS Update

SAP Image

Upon appointing the PMCA updates to Defence SAP will be based on ongoing and ad hoc reporting by the PMCA. For updates to GEMS SAP - PPM the Project Information Exchange (PIX) tool should be used as follows:

  • Project Officer exports the current schedule and cost plan and provides them to the PMCA.
  • PMCA  provides the Project Officer with updates
  • Project Officer reviews updates
  • Project Officer imports updates into Defence SAP – PPM
  • Project Officer adds Objective links to Checklist Item as required
For this process the following Tasks should be updated:
  • Commence Construction
  • Site and administrational Mobilisation
  • Construction Period
  • Construction Complete
  • CIOG ICT Install
  • User Occupation Completed
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
For updates to project risks, the Project Officer will document/update key budget, schedule, scope, and other risks that require visibility within the Branch into Defence SAP - GRC.

Completion of Conditions - Activity - Completion of Conditions Precedent to Site Access

  • CFI Project Officer
    • will confirm completion of conditions precedent of access to site have been achieved by the Contractor.

Activity - Completion of Conditions - Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC)

Risk & Compliance Elements Environment Element Environment

  • CFI Project Officer
  • REO and Contractor
    • will address any issues with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) during tender negotiations or shortly after.

Completion of Conditions - Activity - Project Consultant issues site access letter to construction contractor

Risk & Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element WHS

  • Nominate contractor as principal contractor for WHS

Completion of Conditions - Activity - Defence Project Team arranges for general notice to base personnel that contractor has site access and is shortly commencing work

  • Advise Base Services Manager, Regional Planning Liaison Officer, Base Commander

Mobilisation and Site Establishment - Activity - As required, all Defence personnel required to access the site to go through appropriate site induction conducted by the contractor representative

  • Site Induction
  • Contractor is ready to commence works

Mobilisation and Site Establishment - Activity - Defence Project Team receive dilapidation survey from Contractor

  • Joint inspection between Project Consultant, EMOS Project Support and Contractor

Mobilisation and Site Establishment - Activity - Defence Project Team/Regional Office/EMOS Project Support review and agree with dilapidation survey

Mobilisation and Site Establishment - Activity - Site Office

  • Refer to contract to determine whether contractor is to provide site office for Project Consultant and/or Defence.

Mobilisation and Site Establishment - Activity - Defence Project Team monitor contractor implementation of Environmental Management Plan

Risk & Compliance Elements Environment Element Environment

  • Ongoing validation
  • Liaison with Regional Environmental Officer

Commence Construction - Activity - Assign CIOG Project Manager

Risk & Compliance Elements ICT ICT

  • CIOG Project Manager assigned

Commence Construction - Activity - Finalise Commissioning and Handover Plan

  • CFI Project Officer / PM/CA
    • ensure that the Commissioning and Handover Plan drafted during the Development Phase has been finalised by Construction Contractor and endorsed by the appropriate parties including regional staff and contractors

Activity - Management and Administration of Contract

Risk & Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element WHS

Manage Asset Rollout requirement, nominally within 14 days of completion. The Asset Rollout Pack to be completed for each and every stage of works.

  • Management and Administration of Contract, including:
    • Variations and Claims
    • Conduct Regular Project Management Meetings as agreed in Contract
  • Regular Project Meetings are to incorporate WHS issues/risks

Activity - Variations - Use of Defence Contingency

Risk & Compliance elements WHS Compliance Element Finance

  • Complete the Decision Brief for DGCFI by using the CFO Template - Use of Defence Contingency detailing the following:
    • Project Description
    • Issue
    • Solution
    • Funding Requirement ($)
    • FY Allocation requirement
  • The Decision Brief is to be co-signed by the Sponsor and DGCFI,
    • in the case of a Sustainment Project, the Sponsor will be ASEP.
  • Once the Decision Brief is signed, send to FAS CFO CASG, through CFI chain of command, FASI, then out.

Activity - Obtain Facilities Data and Manuals (as work or stage approaches completion)

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data

  • The data needs to be supplied in the appropriate format for loading in to the system and to allow activation of the EMOS Contracts..

Activity - LESSONS LEARNT - PMCA Conducts "Delivery" Lessons Learnt Workshop

Risk & Compliance elements Data Element Data (Objective)

Note: Lessons Learnt and Knowledge Management


Construction Underway and Contracts Managed