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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Base Engineering Assessment Process

The Defence Estate is ageing and much of its older construction is becoming increasingly unsustainable. This is reflected in the condition of its engineering services and in-ground infrastructure, much of which has deteriorated over time and is seriously degraded. There is considerable uncertainty over the Estate’s ability to effectively support current and future capability and this uncertainty is exacerbated by a lack of detailed information about the current condition, capacity and compliance of the Estate.

This situation has arisen as a result of a history of under-investment in the Estate, the lack of a strategic whole-of-estate approach to development, and a focus on utilising estate reinvestment funding to provide facilities to support new capability, growth and restructuring.

As part of the estate reform stream, a non savings stream of the Strategic Reform Program, Defence Support Group, Infrastructure Division, has initiated Base Development Plans. These plans are intended to be a primary source and reference guide to provide customers and stakeholders with an overview of issues relevant to each base/establishment, whilst at the same time providing guidance for investment. In this regard they assist Defence to meet its stewardship obligations to Government as owner of the estate.

To inform these plans, the Base Engineering Assessments Program will detail the capacity, condition and compliance of in-ground infrastructure at key bases. This includes: ICT and Voice; Electrical; Fuel Farms; Gas; Water (irrigation, fire, etc); Sewer; and Storm Water. The output will contribute to a better understanding of the maintenance and reinvestment liability of each base. As new Base Engineering Assessments are approved, they are published on DEQMS.

Management Activities

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