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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Acquisition - Transition

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Activity - Exchange contracts and pay deposit

  • At exchange Defence is required to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price in some states, unless otherwise agreed, with the balance due at settlement.
  • Project Officer informs the legal panel member and Property Services Contractor when the deposit funds have been transferred from Defence.
  • Following exchange, the legal panel member provides a settlement statement to the Project Officer.
  • Project Officer provides ID Finance with the settlement statement and a date the settlement amount is to be transferred.

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  • Project Officer records exchange and settlement dates, and amounts in appropriate sections of the Acquisition Management Plan.

Activity - Arrange pre-settlement inspection

  • Property Services Contractor organises a pre-settlement inspection of the property by representatives of Defence, with the property owner or owner's representative, where appropriate a Regional Service Delivery representative may also be in attendance.

Activity - Arrange transfer of Settlement Funds

  • Project Officer contacts Finance to transfer the funds which enables funds to be deposited to the Legal Panel Member’s trust account for exchange and settlement purposes.

Activity - Obtain Certificate of Title and store appropriately

Risk & Compliance Element Data Element Data
  • Once settlement has occurred, Property Services Contractor tasks the legal panel member to obtain the Certificate of Title (CT).
  • Property Service Contractor ensures that the Certificate of Title is recorded on Defence's Certificate of Title register.
  • When received the Property Services Contractor stores it on behalf of Defence and uploads it to E-Premysis.

Activity - Notification of Acquisition project settlement to Stakeholders

  • Project Owner will notify relevant stakeholders of the acquisition project settlement, via email.

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  • Project Officer records/actions notification to Stakeholders of the project status – settlement of the Acquisition.

Activity - Notification of Acquisition project settlement to Sustainment Team

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  • Project Officer rnotifies the Sustainment Team of the project status – settlement of the Acquisition.
  • The Contract/Master Data Sustainment Team will update the contract within the SRM module of SAP, and update Estate Master Data in SAP.
  • With this information, the SDD Regional Representative will update maintenance and services plans in the Plant Maintenance module of SAP.
  • The Facilities and Services Contractor commences on-site support. This support continues through to project sustainment.

Activity - Release the Close Phase in Defence SAP

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  • Release the Close Phase.
  • Add resources for the Close Phase.