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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Acquisition - Close

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Activity - Review acquisition management plan and confirm procurements complete

Risk & Compliance Element Data Element Data
  • Project Officer conducts a review of the Acquisition Management Plan to ensure all invoices have been paid against Purchase Orders raised for the project.
  • Important to note: All invoices should be sent by the contractor to Property Services Contractor for uploading to ISIS.
    • Payment timeframe is stated on the invoice;
    • The invoice is to be saved in the Objective project folder prior to approval using the following protocol:
      • Invoice [Contractor Name]
      • Approved [date]; and
    • Project Officer must review the invoice prior to approval.

Activity - Finance Close purchase orders and WBS

SAP Image

  • Project Officer advises Finance to close purchase orders and return any remaining funds to the MCF.
  • SAP wil allow for the Project Officer to trigger a notification or action to close all project purchase orders and WBS.

Activity - Project Owner closes the project

Risk & Compliance Element Data Element Data

SAP Image

  • Project Officer conducts project closeout, ensuring all details are updated in the acquisition management plan.
  • Project Officer ensures that all paperwork is filed in Objective and linked to the Project Record.
  • Accurate records are available.
  • Acquisition is recognised on the asset register.
  • Project Owner close the Defence SAP project.