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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

SDD Risk Management - 1.0 Register Risk

Risk Originator - Potential Risk Identified

Off System

  • 1.1 - Risk identified/Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) Document Completed
  • 1.2 - RAT emailed to Risk Authority

Risk Authority (Risk Owner)

Off System

  • 1.3 - Risk Authority reviews RAT
  • Is risk accepted?SAP Image
    • If NO- 1.4, Risk Originator advised of outcome via email
      (Risk Originator to proceed to step 1.5)
    • If YES - 1.6, Risk Originator advised of acceptance
      (Risk Originator to proceed to step 1.7)

Risk Originator

Risk & Compliance Elements Data Element Data

Off System

  • 1.5 - Risk Originator considers options:
  • 1.7 - Risk Originator Receives approved RAT and passes to Business Unit Risk Manager (BURM)
    (BURM to continue to step 1.8)

Business Unit Risk Manager (BURM)

Risk & Compliance Elements Data Element Data

Off System

  • 1.8 - Reviews RAT for approval and completeness

SAP Image

  • 1.9 - Check if Risk already existsSAP Image
    • If NO, 1.11 - Create SAP Risk Record (Shell) (continue to step 1.12)
    • If YES, 1.10 - Consult and Update existing Risk record add RAT document to existing record (continue to step 1.4)
  • 1.12 - Attach RAT/Documents
  • 1.13 - Risk Owner Advised (via Risk Planner Function and email)

Note: BURM - Could be: Risk and Safety Managers PSMs (or their risk representatives, Gov&assurance person) Branch Head Corporate Lead 

Continue to 2.0 Analyse/Evaluate Risk