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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Meeting Smart Infrastructure requirements - Compliance and Assurance

The designer demonstrates that the design is in accordance with Smart Infrastructure requirements for a project through completing and submitting the Smart Infrastructure Manual Checklist (Checklist) at each design review stage. This submission also includes the Metering Strategy. Guidance on both these documents is included in the Checklist.

At Construction Completion, the Metering Strategy (and related sub-metering drawings or agreed equivalent) and the construction waste recycling and reuse percentage achieved compared to the pre-construction target, are submitted.

Smart Infrastructure Assurance Program

As part of monitoring Smart Infrastructure’s implementation Defence may audit it's implementation on a project.

DEQMS Audit Program

Broader Compliance & Assurance to internal business processes is monitored under the DEQMS Audit Program and DEQMS Continuous Improvement.