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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Pollution Prevention - Implementation & Operation

Pollution Prevention Management Manual

The Pollution Prevention Management Manual contains guidance on the effective management of priority pollutants including fuels and chemicals, hazardous materials, sewage, stormwater run-off and solid and liquid waste.

Implementation of best practice pollution prevention measures will benefit Defence by:

  • Preventing land contamination issues
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Supporting Defence capability
  • Protecting human health and the natural environment
  • Enhancing Defence's reputation as a sound environmental steward.

The Pollution Prevention Management Manual outlines Defence’s expectations for management of potentially polluting activities on the estate. The Pollution Prevention Management Manual includes annexed Guidelines to assist estate users in managing the reduction of pollution to the environment.

The annexed Guidelines are supported by Quick Reference Guides for a number of key activities on the estate.


To find out more, contact the Directorate of Environment and Heritage Policy Development (DEHPD), or your local regional environmental personnel. The Assistant Director Environment and Sustainability (ADES) and Regional Environment and Sustainability Officers (RESOs) support this role in the Zones.