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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Heritage Management - Implementation & Operation

Defence maintains a Defence Heritage Register of all the places it owns or controls that are listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List.

The Defence Heritage Toolkit is designed to assist Defence personnel in understanding and managing places and things of heritage value within the Defence Estate. It provides practical guidance on how to progress development proposals, methods for managing heritage, and where to go for further information. The toolkit is essential reading for environmental officers, Defence contractors and all Defence personnel involved in the management of the Defence estate.

The Recognising our Heritage - Defence Heritage Assessment Kit assists heritage consultants and experienced and qualified Defence personnel at the regional level to internally assess places in the Defence estate for heritage values and make submissions to the Directorate of Environmental and Heritage Policy Development for possible additions to the Commonwealth Heritage List and National Heritage List. It also assists heritage consultants and experienced and qualified Defence personnel to identify where removal of items in the estate from heritage lists may be appropriate.

Heritage Management Plans (HMPs) for Defence places on the CHL

HMP's have been prepared for Defence properties with heritage values, and many more are under development or to be prepared in the future. These forward looking plans provide practical and specific recommendations and standards for managing heritage values. HMPs are being developed in consultation with stakeholders through workshops and direct participation in the development of recommendations and requirements. They will be in plain English so that they can be incorporated into the day-today management of the Defence Estate and the associated planning and budgetary processes.

Defence is working towards having heritage management plans in place for all its properties entered on the Commonwealth Heritage List by 2015. We also aim for these documents to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their currency and usefulness.