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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management System (EMS)

Management Review and EWG Meetings

Management Reviews and EWG Meetings will be conducted for the Region to ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Meetings are held and Environment Management Meeting Agenda & Minutes are recorded in Objective and any suggestions are implemented. The Management Review will be undertaken annually, The Environment Working Group (EWG) Meetings will be undertaken quarterly, or when conditions trigger more frequent meetings. Such conditions may include:
  • Serious non-compliance with respect to environmental legislation.
  • Changes in environmental legal and other requirements that could impinge upon the Area’s ability to meet any legal requirements or overarching Defence Environmental Policy objectives.
  • Major change to any of the Area’s activities with the potential to impact significantly upon the environment.

Management Review

1. The following senior management representatives attend Management Review Committee meetings:

  • Service representative.
  • Groups: as relevant.
  • DSRG: Regional Director, Manager Estate Facilities and Services, Senior Environmental Manager, Base Support Manager.

2. The SEM ensures all the necessary data and reports for review are collected and distributed prior to the meeting. The minimum information for a Management Review Meeting is:

  • results of internal audits and evaluations of compliance with legal requirements and with other requirements to which Defence and the Region subscribes,
  • communication(s) from external interested parties, including complaints,
  • the environmental performance against Objectives and Targets of the Regional EMS,
  • the extent to which objectives and targets have been met,
  • status of corrective and preventive actions,
  • follow-up actions from previous management reviews,
  • changing circumstances, including developments in legal and other requirements related to the environmental aspects, and
  • recommendations for improvement and identified opportunities.

3. The SEM ensures that the minimum items in the agenda for the Review are possible changes to:

  • the Site Commitment Statement;
  • the Regional environmental objectives and targets; and
  • any other EMS elements, including procedures.

Possible changes shall relate to continual improvement of the EMS and of environmental performance at the Region and shall ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

4. The findings from the Management Review are documented in the Environmental Management Review minutes prepared by the REO, approved by the SEM, and distributed by the MEFS to the management review team.

Management Review\EWG Meeting Process

1. Identify appropriate representatives to attend the meeting.

2. Book room and make sure it has everything you need. eg whiteboard, overhead projector.

3. Using the EMS Environment Management Review Agenda complete and distribute to attendees.OR

4. Using the EMS Environment Working Group (EWG) Agenda complete and distribute to attendees.

5. The day before make sure you have everything you need. eg whiteboard pens, overhead projector, laptop, paper, pens, drinks and snacks.

6. On the day of the meeting setup the room and make sure the attendees sign the EMS Environment Management Review\EWG Meeting Attendance Sheet.

7. After the meeting scan the Attendance Sheet and save into Objective as the record of attendance.

8. The findings from the Meeting are documented in the EMS Environment Management Review\EWG Meeting Review Minutes prepared by the Senior Environmental Manager (SEM), distributed to the attendees and also save into Objective as the record of the meeting.