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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Contamination - Implementation & Operation

The proper transport, handling, storage and disposal of materials likely to cause soil and/or groundwater contamination by Defence personnel is essential to reduce the risk of contamination events occurring. This includes the effective management of items such as hazardous materials, sewage, stormwater run-off and garbage. With outsourcing of activities an integral part of Defence’s business processes, it is also required that all Defence contractors are aware of Defence’s strategies in regard to reducing contamination risks. In doing this it is essential that contractors receive appropriate documented induction as to Defence’s requirements on contamination prevention where their activities may carry a contamination risk.

National Contamination Remediation Program Planning

Defence’s National Contamination and Remediation Program has a comprehensive program of contamination investigations and remediation projects to ensure that the contamination risks on the Defence estate are appropriately managed. The specific requirement of the Contamination Management process varies depending upon the understanding of the contamination risks and management required. These projects are delivered using the Contamination Project Delivery Process.

Contamination Hazard Assessment Tool (CHAT)

The Contamination Hazard Assessment Tool (CHAT) is designed to aid in prioritising the investigation of contamination across the Defence Estate, particularly where no prior investigations and formal risk assessment has been carried out. The CHAT was developed to identify the key source‐pathway‐receptor characteristics at Defence facilities across the Defence estate. This will assist in determining the risks associated with the contamination. Click here for the CHAT.

Contaminated Sites Register (CSR) (internal only)

Defence maintains a Contaminated Sites Register (CSR) . Click here for the CSR.

Property Contamination Profile (PCP)

The National Contamination Remediation Program has developed a property contamination profile (PCP) for all Defence sites known to have contamination risks. Click here for the PCP.

Contamination Guidelines/Toolbox (internal only)

Contamination Guidelines are provided to assist you in incorporating contamination into your business processes to ensure contamination is appropriately managed. Templates are provided to conduct contamination works and technical guidance is given on contamination and directives that support Defence’s policy on contamination. This may include individuals conducting activities where:

  • the activity may cause contamination;
  • historical contamination is discovered during works
  • historical contamination is suspected as part of environmental assessments for siting options
  • responding to incidents that have caused contamination

These references are not written to provide specific technical guidance but more a general overview of the potential contamination issues and risks, together with current best practice management. Information or advice of a more technical nature can be obtained through the regional environmental staff (RES) located in each region or from the National Contamination Remediation Program staff. Click here for the Toolbox.