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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Contamination - Implementation & Operation

The manual offers practical guidance and tools to support management of contaminated sites to reduce risks to human health, the environment and Defence capability throughout the capability and facility life cycle from acquisition to divestment.

Matters covered in the Defence Contamination Management Manual include:

  • Key roles, functions and responsibilities
  • Legislative instruments and regulatory requirements
  • Contamination Management Tools
    • Contamination Risk Assessment Tool (CRAT)
    • GEMS Environmental Factor Management – Contaminated Site Records
  • Minimum expected reporting requirements for Defence Contamination Assessment and Investigation Projects
  • Outline of the Investigation and Assessment Reporting Framework
    • Pre-construction Contamination Assessment (PCA)
    • Stage 1 – Preliminary Site Investigation (Stage 1 PSI)
    • Stage 2 – Detailed Site Investigation (Stage 2 DSI)
    • Stage 3 – Risk Assessment/Remediation Design
    • Stage 4 – Remediation/Management
    • Stage 5 – Further Management Action

Common historical activities and locations on Defence properties that are current potential sources of contamination are addressed in the manual and the 12 supporting annexes. Each of the annexes is consistently presented to include:

  • One page Quick Reference Guides outlining the content of the annex and mandatory requirements for application of the annex
  • Regulatory overview
  • Outline of the contamination risks associated with the activity or location
  • A generic Conceptual Site Model outlining potential source, pathways and receptors for consideration at particular contamination sources
  • Management options
  • Practical case studies that identify scenarios, risk, management measures and links to further information
  • Data and Reporting requirements and options
  • Checklists and guidance documents

Contamination Swimlanes
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