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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Biosecurity and Overabundant Native Species (BONS) - Implementation & Operation

To support this policy the National Guidelines for the Management of Biosecurity and Overabundant Native Species Risks on the Defence Estate (BONS) have been prepared to facilitate a consistent approach to the management of these risks across the Defence estate that is in keeping with industry best practice and complies with Defence's legislative obligations.

The national guidelines provide:

  • A summary of the potential for BONS to impact upon Defence capability to support training and its operations, as well as sensitive environments;
  • An explanation of the various planning contexts including the Defence Environmental Management System (EMS) framework, legislation, policy, external drivers and current industry lead practice for effective and efficient management of BONS Species on the Defence Estate; and
  • Guidance to help people determine whether there is a potential BONS issue, who might be impacted, the nature of the impact, quantifying the area of potential impact, and undertaking the necessary risk assessments.

The BONS Toolbox will provide you with information to assist you in managing the risks associated with Biosecurity, feral animals, weeds and over overabundant native species. (eg. technical information, case studies, risk rools and other good stuff).