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Defence Estate Strategy 2016-2036

Copy of the Defence Estate Strategy 2016-2036

Defence Estate Vision

A strategically aligned, affordable, safe and sustainable estate that enables Defence capability and operations.

In releasing the Defence Estate Strategy 2016-2036, the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force have reaffirmed the critical role of the estate in enabling our defence capabilities and supporting the generation and sustainment of the Australian Defence Force.

The Defence Estate Strategy is an essential element in supporting Defence's capability. It is the capstone of the suite of dedicated Defence estate planning documents and provides enterprise level direction for all estate investment and management decisions. The Strategy is designed to drive improvements and to deliver better outcomes for the Defence estate and to focus business activities.

The Strategy is intended for everyone involved in developing and managing the estate.

The Strategy identifies five strategic aims for the Defence estate which will guide Defence in realising the estate vision. The five strategic aims are supported by a set of priorities and strategic actions to help guide the future use and development of the estate, inform priority setting and resource allocation and enable a consistent approach to estate management and decision making.

The five Defence strategic aims to realise the Defence Estate Vision are:

Strategic Aim 1: A fit-for-purpose estate, of the right size in the right place that best enables capability and operations.
Strategic Aim 2: An estate that is safe, secure and compliant
Strategic Aim 3: An estate that is developed and managed to make the best use of available resources.
Strategic Aim 4: An estate that is sustainable.
Strategic Aim 5: An estate that is underpinned by effective and efficient governance and a skilled workforce.

The Strategy is supported by a rolling five-year Defence Estate Strategy Implementation Plan (internal only).

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