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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


CFI - Project Governance Board

The Project Governance Board (PGB) has a collective management responsibility and will be established for all major capital facilities projects.

The purpose of the PGB is to provide guidance to the Project Director and a forum for senior level liaison with input to the project by sponsors, users and senior Defence management.

The PGB typically sits once per quarter per project, noting that meetings may be required more often during the early stages of a complex project.

The PGB is chaired by Director General Capital Facilities Infrastructure Branch (DGCFI) or their representative.

Process Tasks

Task 1 - Organise meeting

Project Officer (PO) arranges suitable date and time with PGB chair (DGCFI EA / Director)

Task 2 - Determine stakeholders

PO / Project Director (PD) and Project Manager / Contract Administrator (PM/CA) determine PGB stakeholders such as CIOG Director Infrastructure Project Delivery

Task 3 - Send invite

PM/CA sends out recurring calendar invite (quarterly or as appropriate)

Task 4 - Organise venue

PM/CA identifies, arranges and confirms the venue for each meeting, including any necessary teleconferencing arrangements and makes the necessary arragements for a site inspection

Task 5 - Develop agenda

PM/CA, in consultation with PO/PD, develops the meeting agenda

Task 6 - Send agenda

PM/CA sends out the meeting agenda, previous meeting minutes and PGB report at least one week in advance

Task 7 - Develop brief for chair

PO/PD develops the Brief for the PGB Chair based on the PM/CAs PGB report

Task 8 - Clearance of brief

Brief for the PGB Chair provided to the Director, and the Director where DGCFI is the Chair, for clearance at least 3 days in advance

Task 9 - Compile pack

PO/PD compiles PGB pack for the Chair comprising of the agenda, Brief, PM/CA PGB Report and previous meeting minutes

Task 10 -PGB meeting and site tour

Task 11 - Prepare minutes

PM/CA prepares the minutes of the meetings within two days of the meeting for review and clearance by the PD

Task 12 - Circulate minutes

PM/CA circulates the minutes of the meetings to all PGB stakeholders

Version Control
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