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PFAS Investigation &
Management Program

Army Aviation Centre Oakey

Community Consultation Timeline

Community consultation events are recorded here. Upcoming events appear first.

2017 Consultations

DEC 6-7

Community Information Session and Community Walk-in Sessions

On 6 December 2017 Defence held a Community Information Session in Oakey to provide the findings of the 2017 Environmental Site Assessment and the 2017 Human Health Risk Assessment.

The Community Information Session was followed by two Community Walk-in Sessions on 7 December that provided local residents and business owners with an opportunity to ask questions, one-on-one with Defence and other relevant government department agencies about the report findings.

Download the presentation or factsheets for more information.

APR 05

Community Walk-in Session - Sensitivity Assessment Report

On 5 April 2017 Defence held a community walk-in session to discuss the investigation into per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at Army Aviation Center Oakey. The event included a presentation on the Sensitivity Assessment Report Results. To read more about this event, please download the presentation.

2017 ___

Community Survey 2017

Following the completion of the Human Health Risk Assessment, it was identified that data gaps remained in some portions of the Investigation Area. As a result of these outcomes, AECOM Australia Pty Ltd (AECOM) on behalf of Defence will conduct further works to update and refine the 2016 HHRA prepared for the AACO.

To support this work a community survey was opened in early 2017. This survey is now closed.

2016 Consultations

NOV 09

Community Information Session – Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment

In November 2016, Defence conducted a community information session focusing on the preliminary ecological risk assessment at Oakey, which forms part of the Stage 2C environmental investigation of the area. It provided information on the potential impacts of PFAS on the ecosystem and outlined the risk levels associated with different potential outcomes of this.

SEP 5-6

Community Information Session – Human Health Risk Assessment

In September 2016, Defence conducted a community information session and community walk-in sessions focusing on the human health risk assessment that forms part of the Stage 2C environmental investigation at Oakey. It outlined the extent of groundwater contamination in Oakey and examined the potential danger levels and risks of human exposure to PFAS.

JUL 27-28

Community Information Session – Environmental Site Assessment Report

In July 2016, Defence conducted a community information session and community walk-in sessions focusing on the environmental site assessments underway, which form part of the Stage 2C environmental investigation. It detailed previous environmental investigations and their results, and what this meant for ongoing investigations into groundwater contamination. It also included images of current sampling and monitoring programs.