About DSA


Vetting and clearance enquiries should be directed to the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA).

For information or other enquiries regarding the Defence Security Authority, please contact DSA.SCS@defence.gov.au.

About DSA - What we do

The Defence Security Authority (DSA) helps Defence Groups and the Services with protective security matters. The DSA’s responsibilities include:

  • assisting the CSO in leading the Defence Security Community;

  • being the Defence point of contact on protective security matters;

  • developing and promulgating security policy that complies with Australian Government protective security policy and meets Defence’s needs;

  • monitoring and reporting on security compliance, performance and risks;

  • investigating serious and complex security incidents;

  • granting security clearances for Defence and Defence Industry Security Program members, and conducting clearance revalidations and re-evaluations;

  • assisting Groups and the Services with security policy implementation; and

  • managing the Defence Industry Security Program.