ADF Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN)
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Pay and Conditions Manual Administration and Technical Explanation

ADF Pay and Conditions Contents

PACMATE Contents

Part 1


Part 2

Alphabetical Index

Part 3

Tax Issues

Part 4

Authorisations Minister, CDF and Secretary

Part 5

Decision Makers Handbook

Part 6

Clause Notes

PACMAN Volume 1

Chapter 1

Introduction (Required reading)

Chapter 2

Joining and leaving the ADF

Chapter 3

ADF salaries and bonuses

Chapter 4

ADF allowances and reimbursements

Chapter 5

ADF leave

PACMAN Volume 2

Chapter 6

ADF relocation on posting in Australia

Chapter 7

ADF housing and meals

Chapter 8

Members and their dependants

Chapter 9

ADF travel in Australia

Chapter 10

Clothing and personal effects

Chapter 11

ADF-related compensation

PACMAN Overseas Conditions of Service

Overseas Conditions of Service preamble

Chapter 12

Overseas conditions of service overview

Chapter 13

Short-term duty overseas

Chapter 14

Relocating to or from a long-term posting overseas

Chapter 15

Living and working on long-term posting overseas

Chapter 16

Overseas hardship locations

Chapter 17

Warlike and non-warlike deployments


Consolidated Determinations

Amending Determinations

Amendment lists


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