Part B


Division 1

Salary (Senior officers)

Division 2

Salary (Officers)

Division 3

Salary (Specialist officers)

Division 4

Salary (Warrant Officer Class 1)

Division 6

Salary (Trainees)


Division 5: Salary (Other Ranks)

[From DFRT Determination No 15 of 2008]
B.5.1   Application


This Division applies to Other Ranks members of the Permanent Force and Reserves not covered by Divisions 4 and 6.

B.5.2   Pay grade for a member below the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1


A member is placed in the pay grade specified in Schedule B.11 for the Service and employment category applying to the member.


If more than one pay grade applies to a member under Schedule B.11, the higher pay grade is taken to apply.


A pay grade listed in Schedule B.11 applies to a member only during the period the member meets the requirements for the relevant employment category, including any required levels of qualification, experience or skill.


See: Schedule B.11, Other Rank pay grades
Part 1: Navy
Part 2: Army
Part 3: Air Force


If a member of the Army is in a Special Forces capacity listed in the following table, then the memberís pay grade is increased by the number listed in column 3, up to the maximum pay grade listed in column 4.


Column 1 Item

Column 2
Special Forces capacity

Column 3 Number of pay grades

Column 4 Maximum pay grade


Special Forces Support Staff Member
Level J




Special Forces Support Staff Member
Level K




Special Forces Support Staff Member
Level L







A member who has a pay grade less than 10 may have their pay grade increased by 1 if they meet both of the following.



The member is posted to a designated submarine escape instructor position.



The member is qualified and reasonably expected to perform duty in that position for the duration of the posting.

B.5.3   Rate of salary for a member below the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1


A member below the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 is to be paid the rate of salary in Schedule B.12 that corresponds to:



the member's Force in Parts 1, 2 or 3 of Schedule B.12; and



the memberís rank and increment; and



the memberís pay grade.


See: Schedule B.12, Other Rank salary rates




The rates of salary shown in Schedule B.12 exclude service allowance.


PACMAN                                                        AL22 (February 2015)                    Chapter 3 Ė Part 1 Part B Division 5