Part 1

Uniform allowance

Part 2

Personal purchase of uniform articles

Part 4

Loss or damage to clothing or personal effects

Part 5

Service police plan clothes allowance


Part 3: Aide-de-camp and ADF advisor allowance


TAX ALERT: PACMATE Annex 3.A, item 183.

10.3.1   Purpose


The purpose of this Part is to assist certain members with the cost of purchase or hire of civilian clothing, to meet the requirements of representational roles of an aide-de-camp or an ADF advisor.

Note: The three Services authorise payment of aide-de-camp allowance.

10.3.2   Member this Part applies to


This Part applies to these members, including members on Reserve service.



An aide-de-camp. This means a member performing duty as an aide-de-camp, equerry, flag lieutenant or escort officer or designated by the CDF as an aide-de-camp. This does not include an honorary aide-de-camp or an aide-de-camp to an official of a State or Territory.


Persons who can make the decision under paragraph 10.3.2.a on behalf of the CDF:

The CDF has not authorised any other person to exercise this power.




Defence Advisor to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.



A member who is either of the following and approved by the CDF for the purpose of this allowance, having regard to the nature of the representational duties, and the associated clothing requirements.



An ADF advisor.



A member required to perform official representational duties.


Persons who can make the decision under paragraph 10.3.2.c on behalf of the CDF:

Director General of Navy People

Director General Personnel – Army

Director General Personnel – Air Force

10.3.3    Payment of aide-de-camp and ADF advisor allowance


The member is entitled to be reimbursed the cost of purchase or hire of clothing, to meet the requirements of the member’s duties.


This table outlines the maximum total amounts that can be reimbursed for the duration of the member's posting.




The maximum amount that can be reimbursed is ($)...


a aide-de-camp to the Governor-General



an aide-de-camp to an overseas visiting dignitary


any other member to whom this Part applies




In addition to reimbursement under this Part, each Service will continue to provide items of military uniform for members to whom this Part applies.

Note: Members may be eligible for uniform allowance as well as reimbursement under this Part.

See: Chapter 10 Part 1, Uniform allowance


PACMAN                                                       AL18 (July 2014)                                                 Chapter 10 – Part 3