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7.4 Temporary accommodation allowance


Temporary accommodation allowance may be paid to you when you do not have access to permanent accommodation. This is usually because you have been posted to a new area.


When is it paid?

Generally you can be paid for up to two days in your old location while your furniture and other belongings are being packed.


You may also be paid in your new location while you search for somewhere to live. The allowance stops when your furniture is delivered and you have permanent accommodation. Ordinarily the allowance will not be paid for more than six weeks in the new location.


Where do you live?

The allowance is paid to help you with the cost of short-term accommodation for you and your dependants.


If you need accommodation for less than a week, you will usually be booked into motel-style accommodation.


If you will be staying for more than a week, you will usually be booked into a serviced apartment. These have cooking and laundry facilities.


Living-in accommodation may be used if you have no dependants with you. If you are living in, you will not be entitled to temporary accommodation allowance.


What allowance is paid?

You will generally be paid the cost of the accommodation, less your contribution.


You will also be paid an allowance towards the cost of meals for you and your dependants. This will vary depending on whether you are in a motel or serviced apartment. Laundry costs are paid if you do not have laundry facilities.


Application to Reservists:  No, except for Reservists on continuous full-time service.


Reference:  ADF Pay and Conditions Manual, Chapter 7 Part 4