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LAND 125 Soldier Combat System: Phase 4

Project Overview

Land 125 is a multi-phase combat ensemble project that aims to deliver successive enhancements to the Soldier Combat System and is responsible for the acquisition of capabilities for the dismounted close combat force. Capabilities are integrated through a spiral development plan that allows for incremental acquisition.

It is providing enhancements to the NATO-defined and inter-related soldier sub-systems of Lethality, Survivability, Sustainment and Mobility, and Command, Control Communications, Computer and Information.

The combination of individual combatants, their units and the interfaces with the internal and external battle environment is termed the Soldier Combat System.

Land 125 Phases

The project has been split over a number of DMO divisions.
Phase 3 received Government First Pass approval in May 2005. Phase 3 of the project was then divided into three distinct sub-phases:

Phase 4

LAND 125 Phase 4 will develop a soldier system for Australian Defence Force personnel who are required to conduct dismounted close combat by:

• Enabling participation in land combat operations against peer regular and irregular threats in any terrain.
• Developing a capability to support the conduct of other military tasks such as Peace Support, Peace Enforcement, Stability and Humanitarian tasks.
• Providing a range of capability enhancements that will reduce the overall equipment weight carried by individual close combat personnel and carried within small low level tactical groupings. This will be through the use of common modular components and power sources that will integrate with the existing personal equipment, and by reducing the bulk and weight of those components.
• Providing individual personnel and small close combat tactical groupings or teams with capability solutions that will enhance survivability, surveillance and target acquisition, precision engagement, fire effect and lethality as well as situational awareness and decision making capacity.

Point of Contact

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1 RAR soldier equipped with the developmental test bed equipment from which Soldier Enhancement Version One capabilities were developed

LAND 125 Soldier Combat System
Integrated Soldier Systems Development Directorate - Diggerworks
Integrated Soldier Systems Branch
Land Systems Division
Defence Materiel Organisation
Victoria Barracks Melbourne
256-310 St Kilda Road

Phase 4 Project Manager:
Telephone: +61 3 9282 5230
Facsimile:   +61 3 9282 4864

Last updated: February 2013

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