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Defence Capability Plan 2009 - Public Version

AIR 5397

Phase 2 Upgrade Australian Military Airspace Communications and Control System (AMACCS)

Phase Scope

This phase is a technology refresh for the UHF/VHF/HF communications systems delivered under Phase 1.


AIR 5397 Phase 1 delivered fixed and deployable Air Traffic and Air Defence communications systems across the ADF. Communications technology for Air Traffic Control has advanced since the introduction of Phase 1. Phase 2 is expected to reassess the communications requirements within each Air Traffic and Air Defence system and consider the introduction of new technology.

The introduction of Internet Protocol (IP) over radio, voice over IP and data communications over radio are to be assessed for relevance to ADF air-ground-air communications.

Australian Industry Opportunities


The method of acquisition is expected to be Commercial- or Military-off-the-Shelf (COTS or MOTS) to the maximum extent possible through open tender. Australian industry opportunities are expected to be for the supply, installation and integration of the new capability. It is likely that any new radios sourced from overseas manufacturers will require Australian in-country partners to manage, at site level, the network design and integration, installation, and set to work program. Opportunities to standardise the fleet of Pilot Monitoring Facility radios and Air Defence Ground Environment radios may also be available.

Through-life Support

Through-life support to the maximum extent possible using extant Defence corporate logistics tools and processes is expected for this capability. This includes seeking to have engineering, maintenance and logistics support contracts signed at the same time as acquisition.

Industry Capabilities and Activities

Capabilities and related activities that may provide opportunities for Australian industry in this phase include:

Activity Capability
Systems Integration (High End, System of Systems) Facilities & Infrastructure
Assemble / Install D D
Design D D
Education / Training D  
In-Service / Through-life Support D  
Logistics Support D  
Manufacture / Construct O  
Project Manage D  
Repair and Maintain D  
Software Development / Support D  
Systems Integration D  
Test and Evaluate D  
Acquisition Category (ACAT)
ACAT Attribute Complexity Level Assessment
Acquisition Cost Level 4 Low <$100m (Towards the middle of the band)
Project Management Complexity Level 4 Low
Schedule Level 3 Moderate
Technical Difficulty Level 3 Moderate
Operation and Support Level 3 Moderate
Commercial Level 3 Moderate

The ACAT Level assessed for this Phase is ACAT III.

Planned Schedule Highlights

First Pass Approval

FY 2012-13 to FY 2014-15


FY 2014-15 to FY 2016-17

Initial Operating Capability

2016 to 2018

Points of Contact

Capability Staff:

Deputy Director Battlespace Management

(02) 6265 5561

Defence Materiel Organisation:

Director Project Development & Integration Surveillance and Control Branch

(02) 6265 6291

Defence Capability Plan / 2009 / Public Version